This is the Hockey Bundesliga app, which provides you with schedules, results, tables, stats, news and livestreams around the German field hockey Bundesliga.

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Game Reminders

This cool new features has recently been added to the app. Users can now simply swipe left on any game in the schedule view and request a reliable reminder for this game.

The user can select if he/she wants to be reminded shortly before or after the game. Since I’m still working on live results (not yet available!), users will be able to be reminded after the game and check the final result as soon as it has been updated on the platform

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Monetization: DAZN cooperation

The Hockey Bundesliga app is available for free. Since I’ve always been a curious guy, I wanted to find out for myself how I could monetize the app using DAZN. If someone registers to DAZN via my app, I will get a small commission. Let’s see how this goes…

Obviously, this is not just about making money. It’s not actually. I wouldn’t recommend something in any of my apps that I don’t use myself. Full disclosure: I’m a paying DAZN customer, as well, and really enjoy it!

From time to time, hockey fans can enjoy live hockey games on DAZN – you can simply try it yourself for free (for one month! Make sure you cancel in time if you don’t want to become a paying member).

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April 14, 2018