In addition to the previous post, I would like to showcase the latest changes and improvements for the Hockey Bundesliga livestreams.

New Cooperation

As mentioned in the previous post about the implementation of livestreams in the Hockey Bundesliga app, a lot of tasks could still be optimised.

While the app itself was very stable already, with this version of the app, I still had to invest a couple of hours per week to manually gather upcoming livestreams and upload them on time. Especially as a hobby/part-time developer you should always try avoid these manual, time-consuming tasks. 

Luckily, Henrik S. from one of the most famous hockey clubs in Hamburg, Germany, has already been busy creating a website gathering all hockey livestreams for all field hockey fans out there (Link to I simply sent him an email and asked if it was possible to somehow show his livestream feed in my app.

As always when it comes to technology, nothing just works out of the box. Fortunately, however, it only took a couple of modifications on his part in order to make it work: I can now easily fetch an up-to-date list of hockey streams in a text file which can be translated into a graphically rendered list that the user can interact with. 


Now, it’s quite simple to understand that I have successfully integrated yet another service that will make the app more and more self-contained. As soon as, Henrik S. and his team add another livestream to their list, it will automatically show up in the Hockey Bundesliga app.

This is a great improvement!

I obviously don’t want to make these posts too long and too detailed but if you happen to have any questions, do send me a quick email

December 12, 2018

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